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(J)POPE THE GIVER   @JPopeTheGiver

                (J)POPE (a.k.a. JP THE GIVER) proceeds to bring quality entertainment as a professional DJ, adding more than 19 years of experience performing for various events and occasions. Aside from being recognized as one of the pioneering DJs of portable turntablism, he is also praised for his unique blends during live or recorded mixes, fulfilling timeless requests with tasteful decision making, and showcasing the art of turntablism (Hip Hop DJ arts, including scratching, trick mixing, and beat juggling) when necessary - delivering authentic quality melodic entertainment. His professional background history includes performing in front of headliners such as Slim of 112, Slum Village, and Dead Presidents at Oakland’s very own, The New Parish. He has played outdoors at Oakland’s First Fridays on Telegraph and in the town’s finest bars, such as Somar, Eli’s Mile High Club, BRIX 581, and many other bars & nightclubs throughout the Bay Area. His residencies include monthlies at Lounge 3411 and Thursday weeklies at Bar 41, both located in Oakland. Outside the nightlife, he’s a budtender / cannabis connoisseur at a popular wellness center in Oakland. Limitless to his boundaries, (J)POPE continues to give the most in today’s special events and occasions including weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties, cocktail parties, private to public social events, and more! As a DJ in today’s entertainment industry, his skills are unparalleled to the industrial standard DJ. (J)POPE has the ability to give you what you need when it comes to entertainment in music. Mixing various lounge or party Top 40 songs - Old to New School and multiple genres such as Hip Hop, RnB, Trap, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Disco, Pop, EDM, almost anything you want if not more! The primary focus of (J)POPE has always been dedicated to giving the people unique mixes and original sounds of today’s music.


SURREAL   @Surreal_6

               Ray Tolentino also known as SURREAL is a Video Producer, Director and Writer. As one of the founders of the 6th Sence Crew, you'll occasionally see him filming and taking photographs during 6th Sence events.  

               Born and Raised in Oakland CA, Ray began his craft at a young age drawing cartoons from his favorite shows as a child. As he got older into his teens, Ray began developing his own characters and stories. Upon finding his true calling, Ray then moved to Sacramento California to further his talents and bring his characters and stories to life by attending The Art Institute of California - Sacramento where he achieved a Bachelors Degree in Digital Film and Video Production.


               With a passion for Creativity and Imagination, coupled with conceptual story-telling and character development, Ray uses his gained knowledge to help others continue and hone their own talents and passions in all forms of art. 


                   Steven Obando, better known as KIDSIXTH or SteezO is a Filipino-American musician and co-founder of the Sixth Sence Crew. He currently resides in Oakland, California where he was born and raised. He is an aspiring DJ/Turntablist, musician, and producer. His choice of genres include: Hip-Hop, Instrumental Hip-Hop, and R&B. 

                   KIDSIXTH has been featured on the blog "Show and Prove with KIDSIXTH" ( KIDSIXTH was also apart of Bindlestiff Studios theater sketch, Legions of Boom -May 2016. Based off the book by Oliver Wang, Celebrating the Fil-Am mobile DJ crews of the Bay Area. His latest endeavors include a co-produced track with RPeezee on the San Jose group NSanity album Ego Trippin - July 2016. He also entered the Fight Club Skratch battle at World of Stereo San Jose, promoted by Asthma Funk productions - July 2016.

                   Currently, the creative music maker is in the studio working on his next project, KIDSIXTH beats. He also does mobile Dj gigs and Dj's at Brix 581 in Oakland during his spare time. KIDSIXTH Beats is set to be released late winter 2016 on Soundcloud.

                   Aside KIDSIXTH's musical accomplishments, his hobbies also include Basketball, Video Games, Food, and Sneakers.

JAY-M   @Jaay-M13

                       Oakland native, Michael Melendres Jr., AKA "Jay" is one of the four founding fathers of the 6th Sence Crew. He manages an abundant amount of the crews' finances and products, as well as oversees the quality and organization of their events.

                            With a powerful voice and humorous personality, Jay can be occasionally seen rock'in the mic as an MC during 6th Sence events, keeping the party jump'in and the bottles popping. He can be seen in (J)POPE The Givers video "How to create a Portable Skratch Instrument", where he visually demonstrates step by step, how you too, can take your DJ skills outdoors.

                       Basketball is his first love. Whether at Oakland's various blacktops or at the gym, you can find him working on his game. As a foodie at heart, Jay loves to cook for his family and friends as well as the crew, whip'in up delicious meals and desserts to keep everyone fed and happy.

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